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2015 Great Ideas: Business Video Competition


2015 Great Ideas Video Competition: Tell Your Business Story

BYU Hawaii Great Ideas Competition 2015

(November 12th, 2015)

The Great Ideas Conference, on November 12th, 2015, is focused on a video competition which helps students learn how to “Tell your business story.”  The video is limited to 2 ½ minutes and must focus on either a product, service, or social endeavor. 

This competition is not about creating slick business commercials. Instead, students are encouraged to dive into the heart of their business or business idea and discover the "why" behind it. Videos shouldn't focus on a product or service's features, but rather the focus should be on the emotions that go into a product or service to make it great.

Professional musicians have created million dollar enterprises by mastering the art of storytelling. You don't see Beyoncé or Bruno Mars creating videos about how great they sing. Or Rascal Flatts or Imagine Dragons pitching you on how they have the best guitars. Instead, they sing, they play, and they make millions of dollars by telling their story through their music.

You don't need to be a talented musician to tell your business story to the world (though, it doesn't hurt). Here are several businesses who have mastered the art of telling their story to us!

Over the next few months, four workshops will be held by communication experts to help participants learn how to create content that educates, inspires, or entertains their target market.  The Great Ideas Video Competition will offer over $20,000 in prize money and will also host judges with famous social media profiles to critique submissions and offer valuable feedback.

Best of luck and we look forward to watching your business's story on November 12th, 2015!


Zach James

Zach is an American entrepreneur who helped found MovieClips and now works in the media technology space.  He is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of ZEFR, a company that provides technology solutions for content owners and brands on YouTube.  After graduation from BYU, Zach worked as an investment banker for Credit Suisse where he was involved in Google’s purchase of YouTube for $1.65 billion.  He has served as a host for community TEDx talks and he lives in Southern California with his wife, 4 year old son and 1 year old daughter as mentioned in a recent Fortune Magazine article.

Jon Heder

Jon is an American actor and producer who is best known for the title character and comedy of the film Napoleon Dynamite.  He has also acted in the films The Benchwarmers, School of Scoundrels, Blades of Glory, Mama’s Boy, and When in Rome.  Jon has received the MTV movie awards for Best Musical Performance and Breakthrough Male Performance.  Jon currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife Kirsten and they have two children.   Jon is well known as a member of the Church and he has turned down numerous action positions saying that they “were not in line” with his beliefs

Marco Lui

Marco is an Italian comedian, producer, director, author of television programs and full length movies.  He joined the church with his family when he was five years old.  Marco currently works in Verona, Italy doing freelance for major production companies including 20th Century Fox Italy.  Marco also works as a co-presenter for the largest television singing contest for children in Italy called Zecchino D’oro.  Marco served a full-time mission in Sicily and currently serves as a Sunday School teacher.   Marco wrote, directed and produced his first movie (The Book of Life) in 2010.  You can learn more about Marco in this Deseret News article.

Ricky Ray Butler

Ricky Ray is an American entrepreneur who founded Plaid Social Labs, a social media company that develops and executes brand integration and customer content strategies on YouTube and other platforms (including mobile) with video.  Ricky Ray graduated from BYU in 2008 and he is currently the Sr. Vice President of Corbis, which acquired his company in 2015.  Ricky Ray is known for his strong connections among YouTubers and he was instrumental in pulling together Peter Hollens, David Archuleta, The Piano Guys, and The Mormon Tabernacle Choir to create the world’s largest live nativity.