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Certificate Program

Entrepreneurship Academic Minor Program

The Willes Center is excited to announce the new minor program in Small Business & Entrepreneurship! The minor consists of 15 Credits of core coursework, and 3 additional credits in other activities and classes. Please follow the link to see the minor requirements sheet (mRS).

Certificate of Entrepreneurship Program
The Willes Center offers a Certificate of Entrepreneurship that consists of 13 credit hours, as well as required participation in both the Great Ideas Competitionand the Empower Your Dreams: New Venture Competition. These classes and activities are designed to develop attributes in entrepreneurship, leadership, and critical management skills.

Please see the Certificate Requirements Sheet (CRS).
Please keep in mind that if you have any exceptions you would like to have considered, only the Director can address your request. No certificate can be issued without the Director's signature on the checklist.

Awards Ceremony for Willes Center Certification Recipients
Upon completion of certification, recipients may attend the Business Department's graduation/awards dinner where recipients will be recognized. Each recipient is invited to bring one guest. You will be invited to receive your certificate only in the semester you walk for graduation.

To be a recipient at the awards dinner, you must complete the certificate checklist no later than one month prior to your graduation date. If you are leaving campus but not graduating and would like to receive your certificate at the graduation/awards dinner, you must complete the certificate checklist (and get it signed by the Director of the Willes Center) no later than one month prior to the graduation date that aligns closest to your departure date. There are no exceptions.