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2015 Fall Video Competition Rules

### For the 2016 Great Ideas Competition Rules, please click here! ###

The Great Ideas Video Competition is an opportunity to share a story about a business or business idea through video. The Great Idea Video Competition will be an introduction to the Empower Your Dreams Competition in May 2016, which is a crowdfunding contest using popular sites like KickstarterIndieGoGo, or Crowdrise.

2015 - Fall Semester Rules

  1. The “Great Ideas Video Competition” is open to individuals or teams. There are no limits to how many individuals can be on a team, but only team members listed on a video entry will be issued prize money. 
  2. This year there are two classification of competition entries: Student and Non-student. A student entry is defined by any BYU - Hawaii student currently enrolled in 6 or more course credits. A non-student entry is BYU - Hawaii alumni and/or any resident of the State of Hawaii. If there are any currently enrolled students on a team, the team is considered a student team. 
  3. No copyrighted material in its entirity is allowed. However, since the Great Ideas Competition is considered an educational exercise short clips of copyrighted material can be used under a provision in the Copyright Act of 1976 (more commonly known as "Fair Use"). For any contest video the maximum fair use of a copyrighted material is six seconds. You are permitted to use additional six seconds of copyrighted material, but not from the same source. For example, six seconds from Harry Belafonte's "Day-O" and six seconds from William Bell's "Every day"  is okay. Yet, 2 six second clips from the same song or video at a different time frame would not work. Keep in mind, that this fair use of copyrighted material only works for the contest. If you plan to use the material for any other purpose it would be wise to reach out to the copyright holder. 
  4. If you are creating a video about a business that is not your own it is recommended you seek permission to avoid brand infringement.
  5. You must obtain permission to film any recognizable individual and have him or her fill out a media release form
  6. Any music used must be your own or you have permission to use (please review rule 3 about "Fair Use" of copyrighted material). 
  7. Filming of the video content cannot be dangerous for any individual involved.
  8. Videos must be a minimum of 6 seconds or a maximum of 2:30 minutes. 
  9. You cannot have the same video or idea in more than one category, but you can have the same team or individual with a different idea and video in all three categories (but no more than one video per team/individual per category).
  10. Prize Money Allocation: Upon submitting your video entry you are required to determine the precentage of prize money for each team member. No changes to prize money allocation will be allowed after the video submission. If nothing is in writing as to how the money is to be split the University will automatically split any prize money evenly among the team members.
  11. Do not use other teams’ ideas and make sure all material is within university standards and honor code.

**Contestants are responsible to protect any information concerning their ideas that they share and are encouraged to be selective about what they disclose.  BYU - Hawaii, the Willes Entrepreneurship Center, and those in any way affiliated with the competition take no responsibility for unwanted disclosures.

Entry Submissions

To submit your video entry please visit the Great Ideas Video Contest submission form. All videos must be submitted before October 26, 2015 5:00 PM. All finalists will be notified by Novermber 3rd. 

Please recognize that submissions must be submitted through the provided web form before the deadline. Unless due to extrodinary circumstances (determined by the Center and Academic Directors) any submissions not submitted before the deadline and through the web form will not qualify. 

Any recognizable individual in a submitted video is required to sign a media release form. Only contest finalist will be required to submit a digital copy of their media release forms

All videos submitted into the contest grant permission to BYU - Hawaii and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to use the video as needed.

Judging Criteria-

Submissions will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Non-commercialism
  • Original & Novel
  • Shows Creativity
  • Elicits an Emotion
  • Highly Shareable