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“Believe in your dreams and go for it. Everything is possible, and at the time when it seems hard, it’s a good indicator that means you are working and doing something good.”

-Carolina Beristain

Empowering women in Mexico by making beautiful embroider

About Beristain Clothing

Carolina Beristain, a Freshman from Mexico majoring in business and accounting, has been controlling her own business for just over a year. She explained, “My business is about empowering women in Mexico by using their talents by making beautiful embroiders.” She provides women with jobs in Mexico by selling beautifully embroidered clothing on a platform that she created and giving the money back to those women in need of such supply.

Her intention for starting her company, known as Beristain Clothing was, “Because as a child I wanted to help people in Mexico. We have a lot of unemployment, and people would say that it’s the governments fault, but we can change the world by being entrepreneurs.” As times got difficult in starting up her business, Beristain was reminded of the people that she can help and powered through the struggle. She said, “What motivated me [through difficult times] was the idea that I can help the people and also because we just had an earthquake and most people lost their houses and there weren’t any jobs, I wanted to help them.”

Acknowledging the many reason why students begin their own companies and business, she appealed to the aspect of being more independent. Beristain explained, “I started doing business because I wanted to feel independent.” After starting a restaurant with her brother, she eventually had to shut it down in order to come to BYUH and get an education in how to better herself in the business world.

Though Berstain has ran her business on her own, she has credited a lot of her achievements to the BYU-Hawaii entrepreneurship program. She said, “The professors give me a lot of advice and they help me to see their role and inspire me to resolve that problem. The classes have been essential to help my business, it has helped me to know how much I have to produce. Helps me to see how I can attract my target market and [how to] use social media through google analytics which is very fundamental for my website.”

Extending her firm appreciation for the Willes Center program, Beristain said, “I believe that if you have a good purpose God will help you,” as encompassed at BYUH. “There are a lot of times when I feel very tired but if I put God first he will help, and I know he wants me to do good things. I want to share the gospel through my business.”

Hoping students will remember that it is essential to rely on outside sources, emphasizing the program provided at BYUH, Beristain highlighted the help that she has received from her very own team. She said, “My team is a very important part, without them I cannot do anything.”

For students looking to start their own businesses, Beristain advised, “[Remember], Things are not easy, it has been hard. I’ve been working on business since middle school, I started with bracelets.” Though she started small, she said, “I started with one goal; to produce my first clothing line.” And as Beristain has utilize the Willes Center program, and all the activities held to help her out, she is happy to say that she has done just that.

“Believe in your dreams and go for it. Everything is possible, and at the time when it seems hard, it’s a good indicator that means you are working and doing something good,” Beristain said.


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