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Empower Your Dreams
2016 Winners


1st Place: Lift Humanity

By: Kalin Uluave – Lift Humanity empowers vendors from third world countries by providing a channel of business to first world markets.

2nd Place: Just In Case

By: Katie Bak

3rd Place: Tovo Care Givers

By: Lavinia Tovo


1st Place: Accent Champion

By: Sze Wan Feigleson – Accent Champion provides specialized accent reduction coaching to native Chines speakers, empowering them with a proficient command of English pronunciation.

2nd Place: Deseret Aluminum

By: Kevan Kusuma

3rd Place: A&J Fertility

By: Amulek Ming Wei Yu


1st Place: Kapalu Connection

By: William Walter Arnett II – The Kapalu Connection provides secondary education scholarships to impoverished children in Vanuatu through building sustainable local businesses.

2nd Place: Tossed Salt Spray

By: Savannah Allred

3rd Place: Ayele Foundation

By: Cassis Boateng


1st Place: North Shore Coupon

By: Kiana Uluave – The North Shore Coupon features deals in our local area through a coupon card, offering free food, activities, and services.

2nd Place: Native Edge

By: Josh Riboldi

3rd Place: Word Power Genius

By: Dale Hammond

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