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Empower Your Dreams
2018 - Speakers & Judges

Meet the Finalist Judges and Speakers for Empower Your Dreams 2018

Guy Takeo Kawasaki

Keynote Speaker

Guy was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1954. His family lived in a tough part of Kalihi Valley but he never felt poor because his parents made many sacrifices. His mother was a housewife and his father was a fireman, real estate broker and state senator. Guy attended Iolani School where he graduated in 1972. Guy graduated from Stanford and entered the MBA program at UCLA where he worked for a fine-jewelry manufacturer, counting diamonds. Later Guy was hired at Apple where evangelized Macintosh to developers. He also met his wife at Apple. Guy is well known among successful entrepreneurs for writing incredibly useful books including; “Art of the Start” and “The Art of Social Media.”

Chenoa Farnsworth


Chenoa is the Managing Partner at Blue Startups, a venture accelerator in Honolulu providing investment, mentorship, and work space to high growth technology startups. Prior to this she was the Managing Director for Hawaii Angels and a Founder at HI Impact. Chenoa graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Government and later received her MBA from University of Hawaii. Chenoa is very well connected in the private equity world and while working with Blue Startups, recently sponsored the East Meets West Summit which is the largest startup event of the year in Hawaii.

Ryan and Shauna Ockey


Ryan and Shauna serve on the Genuine Gold Society of Brigham Young University Hawaii and have been long time supporters of the Willes Center where they have coached and mentored students in entrepreneurship. Shauna is the Board Chair and Founder of Tanbridge Academy where she lives in Calgary, Canada. Ryan is the President and CEO of Cardel Homes where he runs operations in Calgary, Colorado and Florida. Ryan and Shauna were instrumental in helping the BYU Hawaii ENACTUS team compete at the World Cup in Johannesburg in 2015 and London in 2017.

Trevor Hanson


Trevor founded three small businesses while attending BYU Hawaii where he graduated in June of 2017 as business management student. Through his startups, Trevor has had the opportunity to provide marketing products and consulting for a myriad of companies primarily in the vacation and travel industry. After graduating from BYU Hawaii, he landed a position at Tesla, working at the Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada. At Tesla, Trevor is part of the strategic sourcing and procurement team assisting in the construction of what will become the world’s largest manufacturing plant. He served his mission in South Carolina and loves the mission of BYU Hawaii.

Kiana Uluave


Kiana graduated from BYU Provo in 2015 with a degree in Geography and Tourism and she is currently pursuing her Master of Education (MEd) at University of Hawaii at Manoa. While spending the days teaching US History and Polynesian Dance to Junior and Senior High School students at Kahuku High School, Kiana runs multiple startups during nights, weekends and every spare minute that she can find. She currently teaches dance lessons around the globe as a Cultural Ambassador, runs Floral Artists as an AirBnB experience which teaches people how to make leis and haikus and she runs So Da’ Bomb with her husband, Kalin, at the Polynesian Culture Center.

Troy Porras


Troy Porras received his undergraduate degree from Princeton University and has a J.D. from Stanford University Law School. He is currently the President and CEO of Pinamar Investments. Pinamar has investments in operating businesses in the automotive and software industries. In addition, Troy is a partner in a family real estate partnership that manages $20M in commercial and industrial real estate assets. Troy is also an angel investor and has invested in real estate and private equity funds. Troy has served on several community and charitable Boards, including Arapahoe House and Believe in Haiti. Troy has lived in Colorado for more than a decade with his wife and 4 children. They enjoy international travel and spending time outdoors taking advantage of all the natural beauty Colorado has to offer.

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