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Empower Your Dreams
2018 Winners


1st Place: Gilgerem

By: Battsengel Chagdgaa & Ganchudur Batgerel

2nd Place: Vantopia

By: Samual Stratford

3rd Place: Ty's Beach Bus

By: Tyler Johnson


1st Place: Hamiora

By: Samuel Mangakahia

2nd Place: Student Steals, LLC

By: Ammon Ioka

3rd Place: ISO: In Search Of

By: Ally Pack & Hannah Jones


1st Place: Rubi Life, LLC

By: Nathan Neeley

2nd Place: Beris Clothing

By: Carolina Beristain

3rd Place: Everyone is Ohana

By: Scott Muhlestein & Bryce Coleman


1st Place: Self Love Apparel

By: Randi Lee

2nd Place: Daily Mormon

By: Joshua Mason

3rd Place: Kama'aina Express

By: Kaden Haraguchi

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