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Corey Blake – MWI


“We specialize in UX website design/development, SEO, Paid Search, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Conversion Rate Optimization.  Our goal is to provide high quality, customized digital marketing services to our clients, and to build win/win partnerships with them as we help their businesses grow.”

Corey Blake- MWI

MWI- BYUH Alumni Success Story

Corey Blake, a alumni from Brigham Young University Hawaii, successfully started a thriving full service digital marketing agency while still in school. He was majoring in Peace-building, but always had the entrepreneurial drive within him. Through hours of dedication, while still in school, he was able to create a thriving business. Corey launched a full service digital marketing agency, MWI, that he still the acting CEO of today.

When asked about what his business does in general Corey responded, “ MWI is an international, full service digital marketing agency with offices in the US, Hong Kong, China, and the UK.” he goes on to say,  “We specialize in UX website design/development, SEO, Paid Search, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Conversion Rate Optimization”. His company offers the full scale of digital marketing services to both clients big and small. When asked about his client base Corey answered, “Our clients range from localized professionals (doctors, lawyers, specialists), to fortune 100 businesses. Our goal is to provide high quality, customized digital marketing services to our clients, and to build win/win partnerships with them as we help their businesses grow.” His company has a strong focus on building lasting relationships with the foundation of trust and excellent execution.

Corey Blake’s inspiration to start this full service business was while he was a student here at BYU-Hawaii. When asked what inspired him to start his business he answered, “I love solving problems and I love working with amazing people. We started MWI to build a business where the brightest talent wanted to come work, and the best clients wanted to bring their business.” He currently has accomplished both of the goals by hiring an amazing staff and working with some very large and reputable companies today. MWI success did not come overnight, but through hard work he was able to start it quickly. Corey said, Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, all I needed was some ambition, hustle, and an iPad, and we were off and running. It took a few weeks to close our first deal, and we grew from there. In many ways, we are still “getting off the ground”, but I guess that’s the way entrepreneurship goes”. He used resources at the Willes Center to begin his initial launch. Jason Earl was a mentor to him and let him make calls in his office before the anyone was even into the office. Corey really values his experience at BYU-Hawaii because it is what set him on the track for entrepreneurship.

When asked about his experience at BYU-Hawaii he responded, “

As a student I learned how to communicate, manage teams, solve problems, and organize my priorities. All of those things are the foundation as what I do as an entrepreneur/CEO. The entrepreneurship classes I took at the Willes Center opened my eyes to more of the financial side of business, as well as the vast world online and all that it offers for entrepreneurial success in today’s digital world.” He is still using stills that he learned at BYU- Hawaii in the Willes Center to expand his business today.

Corey Blake marketed his business, and still continues to do so with high quality content. He says, “We mainly use Content Marketing. We create high quality content and publish it in top tier places online. We also do a lot of speaking engagements and brand awareness through educating.” His uses this high quality content to rank organically and to drive organic visitors to his website.

When asked what he has learning about running your own business he responded with “Oh geez… so dang much. Most importantly I have learned that as long as our efforts are focused on truly providing value to others, we can usually find our way.” Value and dedication is truly what it takes to make a desirable product today , He goes on to say,  “Ambition is one thing, but ambition backed up by work ethic is another. Even more importantly, ambition backed by work ethic + high quality work, is a different beast all together. If you provide value, work your butt off, and are really really good at what you do, you will find a way to make your entrepreneurial itch a success. Those are just a few of the many things I have learned.” With his successes he has advice for things he would have changed or done differently if given the chance. Corey says, “I would get better at hiring, sooner. We have learned a lot over the past few years, but top of the list is how to hire amazing people. Nothing can replace the value of good, experienced, hard working, talent.” He continually stresses the importance of having a good team behind you, because without them you will offer mediocre work to your clients. In a digital age it is important to offer something that no other companies can offer.

Corey Blake says that what sets his business apart is, “Our attention to detail, quality of work, and truest desire to provide value to great partners. We are not in this to make a quick buck, but to really help our clients grow online. We do not automate everything as a lot of people in our world industry, we provide the human touch that is so important in building and maintaining amazing relationships.” Many digital marketing agencies aim for instant success that quickly fades, but MWI offers a full range of services and executes them in a way that creates long-lasting success. Corey hopes to expand his business even larger in the future. He said, “We want to continue to build MWI as a global agency. We have plans to launch more MWI offices across the US, as well as continuing to expand our footprint in Asia and Europe.” Today, Corey Blake is still the acting CEO of MWI and is at the head of their expansion. Corey also teaches Digital Marketing class as a volunteer missionary in the Willes Center today. He teaches Intro to Digital Marketing and has so much knowledge to offer students who are eager to learn from him.

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