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Special Topics courses often are taught by our Entrepreneurs in Residence and focus on their particular skillsets. Faculty will also teach a Special Topics course to see if students have an interest in it. Courses in the past have included Big Data Analytics, Mobile App Development, Crowdfunding, Web Development, and Entrepreneurial Finance.

Crowdfunding – This course is designed to help you launch a project on a crowd funding website like KICKSTARTER and .or INDIEGOGO. Learn how to run a crowd funding campaign from beginning to end. Each student will be required to launch either their own crowd funding project or be on a team that launch one.

Search Engine Optimization – This course walks you through the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). From making your website search friendly, to understanding exactly how search engines rank website, you will learn how to build a SEO strategy to help you be competitive in the search engines. 

Taught By

Paul Wilson

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