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Emerging Entrepreneurs Scholarship

The Willes Center for International Entrepreneurship is pleased to announce the Emerging Entrepreneurs Scholarship, a two-tiered scholarship program for all students on campus.

This program is designed to prepare participants to create economic opportunities in Oceania and the Asian Rim in their chosen fields and their interests through entrepreneurship.

Regardless of a student's major, this scholarship provides a unique opportunity to learn and develop entrepreneurial skills that students can take home. During the scholarship process, students will gain the following skills:

  • Identify a problem and need in Oceania or Asia Rim.
  • Develop a business plan.
  • Test business model.
  • Be prepared to implement business ideas upon graduation.

The experience students will gain through this scholarship will prepare students for creating the business that they are passionate about and want to do in their home country.

Tier one scholarship is for one semester only. Tier two scholarships are for one semester only. Tier one scholarship recipients and applicants who meet the requirements are encouraged to apply for the tier two scholarship. A recipient may receive up to two semesters of scholarship money.

The application deadline is May 10, 2023.
Recipients will be notified on May 26, 2023.

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Tier Two $500 Scholarship and Access to a T.A. Mentor

  • Access to TA mentor: Scholarship recipients will receive seven sessions of private tutoring during the semester. Every week, a T.A. mentor will help scholarship recipients with implementing ENTR 283 class lessons into their business ideas, making assumptions, and completing full business models.

Who is eligible to be considered for the Scholarship?

All applicants who have been admitted to BYU–Hawaii and completed the ENTR 180 New Venture Finance course may apply. Students are expected to meet the following scholarship selection requirements.

Selection Criteria

  • At least 2.5 GPA.
  • Enrolled 9 credit hours for spring recipients and 14 credit hours for fall and winter recipients.
  • Applicants must already have completed the ENTR 180 New Venture Finance course.
  • Applicants will complete the application below that includes an essay outlining a business that the student is personally interested in and would start in Oceania and the Asian Rim. (Students may use the same idea that is used to apply for the first scholarship but go into more depth or may use a new idea).
  • Applicants will register for and complete the ENTR 283 New Venture Creation course in the same semester they receive the scholarship funds.

By the end of your submission to the second scholarship, you have already completed 5 credits towards the certificate or minor of entrepreneurship.

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We want to award as many scholarships to as many students as possible, but due to limited funds, not all applicants will be awarded a scholarship. The applicants will be judged and selected according to the judging rubric. See the judging rubric below.

Second $500 scholarship Application Form
Answer the following questions about your business idea.