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Projects & Planning Resources

Dedicated to making the world a better place through entrepreneurial action.

Applying For a Willes Center Grant

Because of funds that have been provided by generous donors we are able to offer students who are interested, regardless of major or minor, access to funds for starting a business. As a grant students are not expected to pay back the funds, but are expected to work with the Willes Center staff in achieving predetermined metrics and goals. 

Students that work with the Willes Center grant program will have an opportunity to learn how to manage a project, gain real-life experience with pitching an idea, and make their big idea a reality. 

In order to apply for a grant students must download and fill out the Grant Proposal Form and then email it to the current Enactus President. The proposal will be reviewed and suggestions will be made. Upon approval the student will then give a presentation to the Willes Center Executive Board for final approval. 

Get Involved in an Existing Project

Mongolian Housing
Focused on creating sustainable and affordable housing options for families in Mongolia.
Click Here
Feeding Kiribati
On an island with little soil, raising crops can be difficult. This project attempts to alleviate the issues of poor soil health.
Click Here
Ghana Projects
We are working with BYU-H alumni to identify, plan, and execute projects in several key focus areas.
Click Here

Planning A Trip

In order to receive approval to travel, both domestically and internationally, there is a series of forms that need to be filled out and documented. The following breakdown was created in order to guide students through the application process. 

Advanced Preparations - 90 Days Before Departure

90 days before departure (or earlier) the Faculty Advisor is responsible for:

Trip Proposal

Ask the dean for an okay to take the trip and get the trip spending cap. 

Begin the process of vetting potential participants—students need a previous semester GPA of 2.00 or higher.

If traveling internationally, research and secure—if needed—visas for each participant.

If traveling internationally, begin the process of completing required vaccinations for each participant.

Ask one of the dean’s administrative assistants to reserve vans for Honolulu Airport runs. 

Begin preparing and gathering items for the travel packet.

Travel Preparations - 30 Days Before Departure

Due 30 days before departure (or earlier) the Student Lead must complete the Travel Packet.

Travel Packet

Once the Travel Packet and other accompanying documents have been completed they should be compiled and then sent to the Faculty Advisor who will review them. Upon approval from the Faculty Advisor, the Travel Packet will be sent to the Dean for approval. 

Upon approval, the Faculty Advisor and the Dean’s Administrative Assistants will reserve flights and hotels. 

The Trip

Have fun on the trip! Remember to keep ALL receipts and stay safe. Take photographs of the activities to help with auditing. 

Report and Reconcile Accounts - 15 Days After Return

Within 15 after return the Faculty Advisor and Team Leader must ensure that the following gets done:

  • Submit expense reports on Workday
  • Submit an After-Action Report to the dean 
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