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Dr. Jason Scott Earl

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship


Professional Background

Jason Scott Earl, MS, PE, MBA, Ph.D. is an associate professor of business management at Brigham Young University Hawai’i where he teaches classes in strategic management, innovation, and entrepreneurial management – areas of expertise developed during his career. He has conducted strategy and finance training for MBA students at Harvard Business School (HBS) as well as senior executives at General Electric (GE), Marvell, and Cooper Industries. His most recent research was nominated for the William H. Newman award at Academy of Management (AoM) based on the disruptive nature of online business simulations in management education today.

Jason graduated from Brigham Young University with B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Civil and Structural Engineering and was hired by Exxon Mobil in New Orleans as a structural engineer. He completed his MBA in corporate finance at Tulane University. After graduating from Tulane University, he moved to Southern California where he accepted a management position with World Minerals Inc. as Director of Strategic Planning & Finance. During five years with World Minerals, he was heavily involved in the acquisition and merger of 11 companies.

Jason then went on to become President of StarStone, LLC – a leading material science technology company based in Santa Barbara, California which later sold to the Pacific Capital Group. Jason finished his doctorate in business and his research involves the use of business simulations in corporate education. He currently serves as the Academic Director for the Willes Center for International Entrepreneurship. Jason enjoys working with students on international projects and he loves to spend time traveling with his five boys, one daughter and wife, Natalie.

Research & Publications

Academic Interests


Favorite Quote

"How did the nobles become noble in the first place?"
Heath Ledger
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