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Ryan Chaffin

Entrepreneur in Residence


Professional Background

Ryan recently stepped away from a career in Finance in NYC to focus on family, health, entrepreneurship, and giving back.  Prior to spending four years on Wall Street, he started a bamboo watch company while a Senior at BYU-Hawaii, raising over $100,000 using crowdfunding.  Ryan earned his Bachelors of Science from BYU-Hawaii in Business Management, with an emphasis in Finance.  Additionally, he earned a Minor in Economics, completed an Entrepreneurship Certificate from the Willes Center, and served as the President of the BYU-Hawaii student chapter of the BYU Management Society.  He currently serves an Adjunct Faculty at BYU-Hawaii and an Entrepreneur in Residence for the Willes Center, teaching classes on financial statement analysis, marketing and leadership.

Academic Interests


Favorite Quote

“Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life.”
Jerzy Gregorek
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