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Willes Center Projects

Creating sustainable, profitable, and world changing businesses through entrepreneurial action.

Applying For a Willes Center Grant

Because of funds that have been provided by generous donors we are able to offer students who are interested, regardless of major or minor, access to funds for starting a business. As a grant students are not expected to pay back the funds, but are expected to work with the Willes Center staff in achieving predetermined metrics and goals. 

Students that work with the Willes Center grant program will have an opportunity to learn how to manage a project, gain real-life experience with pitching an idea, and make their big idea a reality. 

In order to apply for a grant students must download and fill out the Grant Proposal Form and then email it to the current Enactus President. The proposal will be reviewed and suggestions will be made. Upon approval the student will then give a presentation to the Willes Center Executive Board for final approval. 

Steps to apply for a grant

Step One
You must be an active part/full time student at BYU-Hawaii in order to be eligible for a business grant.
Step Two
Click on either the "Impact Proposal" or "For Profit" button above in order to download a proposal form.
Step Three
Apply first by sending your completed project proposal form to Makaiah Gorham through his email:
Step Four
Once initial approval has been given, then you'll present to the Willes Center board. Receive feedback and make any needed adjustments.
Step Five
Once your proposal is approved you'll coordinate with the school to make the purchases you need.


Present to the Willes Center Executive Board for a chance to win grant funding

After students have completed and received approval for their Project Proposal Form then they’ll present to the Willes Center Board. 

Presentations are viewed on the fourth Thursday of every month.

Many students receive multiple rounds of funding, so apply once and then apply again as your business grows. 


Planning A Trip

Trips are for impact focused businesses involving many students.

In order to travel, available for both domestic and international students, there is a series of forms that need to be filled out and documented. The following Travel Packet was created in order to guide students through the application process. This packet needs to be completed and approved 30 days (or earlier) before departure. 


Travel Packet

Once the Travel Packet and other accompanying documents have been completed they should be compiled and then sent to the Faculty Advisor who will review them. Upon approval from the Faculty Advisor, the Travel Packet will be sent to the Dean for approval. 

Upon approval, the Faculty Advisor and the Dean’s Administrative Assistants will reserve flights and hotels. 


Report & Reconcile

Within 15 days after returning from the trip, the Faculty Advisor and Team Leader must ensure that expense reports are submitted on Workday. In addition, they Team Leader needs to compile a submit an After-Action Report to the dean. 

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