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Rice Up

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RiceUp is not just a charity. It is a Social Entrepreneurship organization that seeks to transform the world by bringing power back to society’s basic need- AGRICULTURE. We begin our project by bringing power and entrepreneurship to our farmers in Pampanga. We are constantly expanding our goals and our programs within Pampanga. Soon, we will expand to other provinces, cities and so forth.

Empowering Farmers in The Philippians

About Rice Up

RiceUp promotes responsible and equitable use of food resources, empowering farmers to improve their income by helping them learn the principles of self-reliance, embrace innovative technology, and enrich their lives through sustainable family farming.

The RiceUp team is composed of 18 members based at BYU Hawaii and 5 in the Philippines. We are privileged to share our passions, wisdom, and knowledge from various backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities. We combine expertise from various studies, talents, passions, and networks in creating an effective synergistic approach to social entrepreneurship. We believe in operating with a single heart and with diversified minds. 

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