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Why You Need to Eat Waffles on a Stick

The Man, the Myth, the Legend

Ty Johnson picture

Ty Johnson, the genius behind Ty’s Beach Bus found in Kahuku, has innovated the waffle.

What’s so different about his waffle?

Let us tell you.

It’s on a stick.
It’s from a food truck.
It’s made sweet.
But, it’s also made savory.
It’s made by Ty.

Ty’s dream has always been to own a food truck. Growing up in Idaho, that dream was unlikely.

Snow would be his biggest competitor (which is most of the year, anyway).

Picture of Ty Johnson inside the store

Instead of forgetting about his dream, he put it on hold. When he got accepted to BYU-Hawaii, he felt his opportunity to attain this goal was perfect.

"I fell in love with food trucks."
- Tyler Johnson

So, he went to work.

He bought a bus from a man in Haleiwa and completely gave it a makeover.

He painted it, beautified it, and then put the money-making equipment in–all while balancing college courses.

Picture Ty Johnson store made from old bus

The Unexpected Combination that Changed Everything

One night along his food-truck-making-process, he struck gold.

Waffle gold.

He ate a hot dog for dinner. Then, he made waffles for breakfast the next day, put his curiosity to the test and combined them.

Lo and behold: The Weenie Waffle.

He claims the Weenie Waffle is for the adventurous folk; they always love it.

But, for the sweet tooth (which he completely understands), he makes this waffle called Double Stuff. The goodness inside can barely be contained. Imagine eating a waffle (on a stick) with crushed Oreos, drizzled Nutella, and purposefully placed peanut butter.

That is Double Stuff. Or Dream Stuff?

Picture of waffles.

Ty has a plethora of waffle options, each of them waiting to be tried by you.

For only a handful of $1s, you can experience the genius behind Ty’s one-of-a-kind savory, sweet, and so-dang-good waffles.

If you want to experience what Ty’s entrepreneurial work and dream dedication tastes like, eat a waffle on a stick (or two or three).